Purchasing Instruments

Ann Arbor Clarinet Connection


Bill King, the owner, has been a professional clarinetist for over 30 years. He currently holds the tenured 2nd/bass clarinet chair in the Michigan Opera Theatre Orchestra, Detroit's opera company based in the beautifully restored Detroit Opera House. All of the instruments he stocks are hand-selected at either the Buffet Crampon factory in Mantes-la-Ville, France, or at the Buffet Crampon North American headquarters in Jacksonville, FL. Spring tensions and key heights are regulated on all instruments. All sales include Buffet Crampon's Warranty Policies.

He has personally helped me select several very nice clarinets for myself and continues to be the first place I send students who are looking for the highest quality clarinets to purchase. 

To learn more: https://a2clarinet.com/

Instrument Repair

Ko Kaiden Music Atelier - Plymouth


Ko offers instrument repair, instrument check-ups and overhauls, he can provide emergency (including late-night/overnight) repair service for problems such as stuck swabs, fallen pads, frozen keys and cracked instrument bodies, often providing immediate service in such cases. 

Ko is a wonderful combination of skill, experience, and efficiency. From minor adjustments to more significant repairs, he has always done quality work that lasts. I see him several times a year to keep my clarinets in great shape, and I always recommend him to my colleagues and students. We are lucky to have him in the Detroit Metro Area! 

To learn more: https://kokaiden.wordpress.com/